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Poultry Injector Medicator

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Poultry Vaccinator

Price: 1500 to 2000 INR/Pair

Fixed Dose Full Metal Body is fix dosage automatic syringe specifically designed for veterinary applications. This ultimate full metal syringe is made with precision for reliability, durability and accuracy for mass treatment of poultry. This product is supplied with feeding tube that allows the injection of any kind of medical drug to your poultry and small animals. All the components are made with finest material: oil proof and non corrosive with sterilization up to 121°C. Also, the valve ball is made of stainless steel for long term corrosion protection. Special O ring is designed because of which Piston slides smoothly along the metal cylinder. A Poultry measuring cup is provided to check volumetric before every use. The product is delivered with 5 different pistons with variable dosage. It comes with pistons for 0.5ml, 0.3ml, 0.25ml, 0.2ml £i 0.1ml dosages. Instructions before use > It is recommended to sterilize the syringe before every use. Ensure all screws are tightly tightened to avoid air gap. Make sure ball and valve springs are well positioned to avoid erroneous volumetric. To Set Essential Dose Disassemble the body part (01) by gripping it with your fingers and turn. Press the piston rod 11) forward piston by pushtngthepusher Take L key(20) provided and insert it on the hole provided to loose it then gently unscrew piston (24) by unscrewing it from Piston Rod (11) Take desirable piston (24) and screw it on the piston rod (11). Insert L-ltey (20) in the hole provided in piston (24) and tighten it. Place O ring (10) on it and apply castor oil on it for Smooth use. » Reassemble the body part (01) to body cover (13). Your Oose is Set. Preparation for vaccination Connect long cannula to plastic pipe at one end and other to intake valve. Insert cannula through rubber cover of vial. ‘Ensure it touches the bottom of vial Pump the syringe to the vaccine is being pumped through from syringe. Recommendation: Add small ordinary needle next to long cannula to let air penetrating into the vial. Syringe is now ready to use. Care and Maintenance for Vaccinator Pump out all residues of vaccine out from Syringe after each use with help of clear water. Disassemble the casing cover and wash all parts with water. Disassemble intake valve assembly as well as leur lock assembly and wash ensuring all parts assembled back to the place after cleaning

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Injector Medicator

Price: 1 INR/Piece

Tefen medicator is a used in poultry Nipple Drinking System as well as in Green Houses farms helps in mixing the vaccines.


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